Current Version

Here is the latest release of LCSoft. In addition to downloading and installing the program, you will need Microsoft Access 2013 or above or the Microsoft Access 2013 or above Runtime installed.

LCSoft can be installed on either x64 or x86 versions of Access, but the databases are not transferable between computers with different bitness flavors. You can however move the x86 version later to an x64 machine and use the import utility in LCSoft to move the data, but you cannot reverse the process of x64 -> x86.

If you're not sure which bitness of Office or Access you have, you can check using these instructions.

Provided below are links to the Microsoft website where you will directly download the Access 365 or 2016 Runtime from them. The current recommendation is that if you have 2019 or 2016, you install the Office 365 Access Runtime, which is Click-to-Run (c2r).  All Office 365 installations already have Access installed. If you currently have Office 2013-2016, you might have to use the Access 2016 Runtime, which is an MSI installation package. If you already have a 2013-2019 Access Runtime, you shouldn't need to download this. Install LCSoft, and it should work fine provided your patches are up to date.

If you have any questions about compatibility, email me or contact me through the contact email or phone above.

Microsoft Office 365 Access Runtime x64
Microsoft Office 365 Access Runtime x86
Microsoft Access 2016 x64 Runtime
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