Watch the hounds, not just the results

About LCSoft

The only comprehensive Field Trial Secretary software

What is LCSoft?

LCSoft is a complete database solution for all Lure Coursing secretarial work.

How does it work?

A robust Access database program storing all of your trials, dogs, entries and more, used to run trials, perform draws and generate every sheet and form you need during a trial.  No internet connection required.

Why chose LCSoft?

Guaranteed to cut hours off of your pre-trial preparation, get your trial day started faster and free you from your secretary's chair to watch the dogs run.

App features

Awesome Features

It's OK if the judges steal your pens: You won't need them.

A Robust Database

Store dogs, people, personnel, entries, trials for true reusability

Complete Sheets

Print every form necessary including judging, draw, score and entry forms.


No internet connection necessary on the field, everything is self-contained


Random Draw

Perform true random draws with separations for your trials

Save Time

No prefilling sheets the night before, generate any form on demand

Run Any Venue

AKC, AKC CAT, AKC FastCAT, ASFA, CKC and ANKC Compatible